Geofencing for Business: How to Win and Keep Customers

What is the value of geofencing for your business and your customers? Considering that geofencing is compatible with 92% of smartphones, you can reach a larger and more diverse audience with your location-based messages. Moreover, mobile ads with geofencing have a click-through rate that is 100% higher than non-geonfenced ones. This means generating more interest […]
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Geotargeting and Geofencing Made Easy for Marketers

Businesses always look for innovative ways to connect with customers, bolster brand recognition, and drive sales. In digital marketing, geotargeting and geofencing are powerful tools to achieve these objectives by tailoring advertisements to specific customers based on location. For marketers, comprehending these advertising strategies can prove instrumental in making informed decisions that yield leads and […]
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Reshaping Your Grocery Store with Retail Media Networks

If you own a grocery store, you should focus on a phenomenon reshaping the retail industry: retail media networks or RMNs. RMNs are platforms that allow retailers to display ads to their customers while they are shopping online or in-store. This way, they can influence their purchase decisions at the moment of truth, when they […]
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The Competitive Edge: Top Metrics to Enhance DOOH Performance

If you are interested in programmatic DOOH (digital out-of-home) advertising, you probably want to know how to measure the results of your campaigns. After all, measurement is crucial for evaluating the success and ROI of your ads, as well as for optimizing and improving your strategies. But what are the metrics that matter in programmatic […]
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How To Navigate Retail's Data-Driven DOOH Era

DOOH and retail media are two of the most exciting and innovative trends in retail marketing today. They offer brands new ways to connect with customers in physical spaces using digital displays and interactive features. But how can brands make the most of these opportunities? The answer is data. Data is the fuel that powers […]
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Fueling Growth: DOOH's Results on Retail Media

One of the hottest trends in retail marketing is the use of digital out-of-home media, or DOOH, to amplify retail media networks, or RMNs. DOOH uses digital screens and displays to reach customers near the point of sale. RMNs are platforms and channels that let brands advertise on retailers' owned and paid media by using […]
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DOOH Advertising: How Data Can Make You Stand Out

Did you know that data-driven DOOH advertising can increase your sales by 93%? That’s what a Nielsen study found when it analyzed the impact of digital billboards on consumer behavior. Data is the key to creating personalized and relevant DOOH ads that reach and engage your target audience. Data enables you to optimize and measure […]
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Reaching New Heights: Transforming DOOH Advertising

New technologies, data, and consumer behaviors are driving a rapid transformation in digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. In 2024, we can expect to see DOOH become more innovative, engaging, dynamic, and effective than ever before. Global DOOH revenue will grow by 42% to almost 16.6 billion dollars by 2027. DOOH will provide more data integration and […]
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Proven Method: 5 Key Metrics for Retail Franchise Triumph

If you own or manage a retail franchise, you understand how critical it is to select the best locations for your stores. Your business's location can make or break it, influencing sales, costs, customer loyalty, and brand image. But how do you measure the potential of a location? How do you compare different sites and […]
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