Joining the battle for a post-COVID-19 positivity

April 22, 2020

The last couple of weeks have been hard for most of us. As private people, as families, but also as businesses (who feed the families). The lockdown is taking its toll.

For one, it makes running a business more challenging. For some, there’s no business to be had (i.e. entertainment/events), for others, such as retailers, it opened a whole new additional complexity (counting visitors, perhaps also setting up and maintaining an E-Shop with all logistical challenges).

While none of us knows when the lockdown will be lifted for good and whether we will return to “normal” operations, one thing is clear: we will feel the economic effects in severe fashion. McKinsey (and also MIT) published scenarios of recovery and implications for business. The bad news: this is probably the worst crisis since WWII and it might take years to get back to where we were before and we will most likely experience a period of recession right ahead of us.

At GeoCTRL we deliver location intelligence by analyzing signals from GPS, and WiFi/Bluetooth and then correlate with third party data. Given the above challenges we thought about how we can help businesses best navigate through these times. How can factories reopen, how can shops manage the flow in a safe manner, how can homes for the elderly ensure the safety of their residents when hundreds of suppliers and staff go in and out every day?

BT Traceback in conjunction with GeoCTRL

We concluded that we can and need to provide data for businesses to contain the disease. We, therefore, developed BT Traceback, a mobile app that companies can mandate their employees to use. For one the app can integrate with test kits to have a verified health status. Then, it tracks the movement and contacts with other people (the app exchanges anonymized ID’s and health status in a secure manner). And lastly, the app communicates with our GeoCTRL sensors which can be deployed for instance in waiting rooms, entrances, cafeterias, etc. This way, the company maintains an overview of social distancing protocols together with the health status of all people present. If someone is infected, the company can easily trace back all individual people who were in relevant contact and therefore selectively act.

If you’d like to learn more about how your company can use BT Traceback in conjunction with GeoCTRL sensors, let us know. We are here to help. Let’s create a positive future.

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