People Movement Analysis To Understand What Drives

We believe understanding population movement is key to building a better future. Using cutting-edge methodologies to acquire and process high-quality location signals from a variety of sources, we extract the most accurate insights to seize and capture even the most imperceptible business opportunities.
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The most intelligent mix of features

Enrichment with 3rd party data down to revenue analysis

Unique combination of high-quality data sources

Enrichment with 3rd party data down to revenue analysis

Near real-time insights for data-driven decision-making

Swissmade security and data privacy system


Christoph Marty

CEO at Clear Channel, CH
Our GeoCTRL audience tool provides deep insights and has been successfully validated with telco data

Jakob Diebold

Product Manager at Store2be, DE
"GeoCTRL delivers more reach and higher accuracy of physical data in comparison to Telefonica/Minodes. We get all data via API integration in real-time."

Bernardo Hern√°ndez Jr.

International Ambassador Beher, SP
"GeoCTRL allowed us to better control the operations of our restaurant by studying the people flows, optimizing schedules and reducing the operational costs."

Jatin Garg

Head of Operations at Adello, APAC
"GeoCTRL provided us several great complementary products to serve diverse needs of our clients."

GDPR & E-Privacy

Privacy is important to us. We take GDPR, E-Privacy and any other upcoming legal framework seriously. We do not track, obtain nor store any personal data. Our sensors count unique devices on specified locations. All data is hashed on node and encrypted. We process and delete data according to the strict terms of GDPR and E-Privacy.
Measure Location Heartbeat

Measure Location Heartbeat

Analyze location footfall, visitors movement patterns and their dwell time in and around your store

Understand Your Audience

Analyze deep and unique demographic, behavioral, and geographic attributes of your audience
Understand Your Audience
Grow Your Local Business

Grow Your Local Business

Lead new customers to your store with highly relevant geo-targeted mobile advertising
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