Opt-Out via Device Settings

GeoCTRL processes data to cut out irrelevant ads and show only those which we believe could be of interest for you. GeoCTRL opts for the highest privacy standards and is GDPR compliant; we don’t use cookies for targeting purposes, and without your express consent we will never identify you as a person. Learn more about what data we collect, how we collect it, and how we use it for reducing advertising to relevant ads (Read more).

If you’re opposed to this, always read the terms and conditions when installing new apps. Many websites and mobile applications provide opt-out options and you have the option to limit ad tracking on your smartphone. If you wish that your location be private, you can turn the geo-location feature off within the location settings of your device. In addition to this, you can disable ad tracking on your device and disable advertisers to include your device information in their targeting services.

The following instructions explain how to turn off ad tracking for Apple and Android devices:

iOS 6:

  • Choose Settings > General > About > Advertising
  • Turn on Limit Ad Tracking

iOS 7 or higher:

  • Choose Settings > Privacy > Advertising
  • Turn on Limit Ad Tracking


  • Choose Google Settings > Ads
  • Check Opt out of interest-based ads

Opt-Out via Advertising ID

To specifically opt-out from GeoCTRL’s services without changing your device settings or limiting third party services, you can use the following form to submit your Advertising ID to our platform; we will then cease to provide you with targeted ads; please note that this only works as long as your Advertising ID remains unchanged; you may still see non-targeted ads from GeoCTRL.

To find out your Advertising ID, use the following instruction:

  • iOS users have to download an app (e.g.The Identifiers) and copy the “Advertising Identifier”
  • Android users choose Google Settings > Ads and copy the “advertising ID”

Please enter your Advertising ID here:

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