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GeoCTRL is an AI-driven solution that creates detailed audience profile of your targeted location, analyzes it and provides you with unmatched insights for smart decisions.

1 Observe

Using the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, GeoCTRL tracks your customers inside your physical location and analyzes their behavior.

2 Measure

Our on-site scanners process the most accurate footfall measurement of your audience with a 50-meter range around your location.

3 Overlay

We will enrich your data with deep and unique mobile audience insights from up to 5 kilometers around your location to improve your operational efficiency and customer experience.

4 Act

GeoCTRL Machine Learning Algorithms evaluate gathered data and create detailed psycho-demographic profile of your audience.

For the best experience our simple-to-use GeoCTRL dashboard allows you to play with different reporting data and create advanced reports.

GDPR & E-Privacy

We believe that privacy is important. We obey the European law of GDPR and E-Privacy, and design our products based on existing legal restrictions. Upcoming changes are closely monitored and evaluated on a bi-monthly basis.

Data collection

Our sensors count unique devices on specified locations. Users can op-out if they do not wish to be tracked.

Data processing

All data is hashed on node and encrypted. We do not process any personal data of unique users.

Data deleting

Raw data is being deleted after 90 days, processed data is deleted after 180 days.
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