GeoCTRL Footfall Sensor

Your audience is physical.
To assess the health of your location you need to count the physical appearance of customers. We use smart scanners that provide footfall traffic insights around your location.

Strong connectivity

GeoCTRL Footfall Sensors use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection to track the audience around your location (e.g. via smartphones).

Smart technologies

Machine learning algorithms are applied to filter our randomized addresses (i.e. iOS or Android). These small sensors capture 4 times more unique devices than other solutions.

Unique insights

GeoCTRL Footfall Sensors will give you the detailed information of how many people come in to the store, the number of new and regular customers, and those who passed by.

GDPR Compliant

We adhere strict personal privacy regulations. All data captured by GeoCTRL Footfall Sensors is hashed (pseudonymized) and encrypted.

Discover missing opportunities and grow your business

GeoCTRL Audience Insights

We will enrich your data with deep and unique mobile audience insights from up to 5 kilometers around your location to improve your operational efficiency and customer experience.

Analyze your audience

GeoCTRL Audience machine learning algorithms evaluate gathered data and create detailed psycho-demographic profiles of your audience. Set your marketing strategy by knowing your audience’s age, gender, languages and interests.

Discover customers interests

To indicate your new opportunities, GeoCTRL Audience will tell you what your customers interested in. Our technology captures even small and rapid changes in trends and customers interests. Enrich your business strategy with this data and impress your customers by bringing what they really search for.

Predict clients behavior

Decreasing uncertainty and risks has never been easier. By using AI, GeoCTRL analyzes data of your location and reveals the sequences of customers actions and behavior. Synchronizing this data with the information from our partners, like weather reports, you can make future sales predictions and understand the variables that affect your business.

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