Gain an Edge in Retail with LiDAR Technology

The retail industry is constantly evolving, and LiDAR technology is proving to be a game changer for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve. However, some may have concerns about the cost and privacy implications of using LiDAR in Retail. Despite these concerns, the potential benefits of LiDAR in the retail industry cannot be […]
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LiDAR: Shaping the Future of Interaction and Data Collection

Imagine being able to see through walls, map out entire cities in 3D, and track the movement of objects with precision. This is no longer the stuff of science fiction, thanks to LiDAR technology. This powerful measurement tool uses laser light to detect the presence and distance of physical objects, delivering detailed and high-resolution images […]
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Footfall Tracking 101: Choosing the Right Technology for Your Business

As a business owner, you have probably wondered, at least once, how many customers walk through your doors daily and how you could optimize your business operations to convert them. Have you ever heard about visitation, or footfall tracking systems? In fact, it is a valuable tool to consider. Footfall systems are increasing in the […]
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Big Data Transforming Retail

A little bit of history In the late 1990s, entrepreneurs from various fields of business realized that data was a valuable resource that, when properly used, can become a powerful instrument of influence. The problem was that the volume of data grew exponentially, and existing ways to process and analyze it were not efficient enough. […]
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Innovation in the Retail Industry 2022

Hybrid shopping, innovative in-store experiences, and digital-first customer expectations significantly redefine digital transformation. The upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has flipped the industry, demanding tremendous technological advancements and innovations. Artificial intelligence and machine learning became critical in the retail world as demand for a seamless shopping experience and advanced personalization grew. Not only in […]
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New Crypto Opportunities: The case of NFT and the craziest buys!

This year, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) appear to have burst from the ether. These digital assets, which range from art and music to foods and essentials, are selling like 17th-century exotic Dutch tulips, for some millions of dollars. Are NFTs, on the other hand, worth the money—or the hype? Some experts believe they, like the dotcom mania and Beanie Babies, that are about to explode. Others feel that NFTs are here to stay and will permanently revolutionize investment.
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In-store people movement analytics: how retailers can increase their business performance

Today, retailers can benefit from technologies and tools that help to understand what drives their business. People movement tracking technologies quantify the activities in a physical store. Retailers can measure foot traffic, common customer routes through the store, “hot spots”, demographics of store visitors, and the impact of promotions and marketing campaigns on store visitation. […]
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How to use location data insights for local retail promotion

Consumers still love local retail shopping. Despite the increase of online shopping and decreasing numbers of local retail, 80% of the consumers in the DACH region claim to still enjoy shopping locally and will continue to do so in the future. But local stores are challenged to provide their on-the-go customers with new ideas and […]
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Six Trends of Christmas Shopping in 2020

We are officially in December, and Christmas is slowly approaching. What associations do you have with Christmas? Beautiful city decorations, illuminated shop windows, Christmas markets with the warm smell of Glühwein, crowded shops, last-minute gift runs for your loving ones, big family gatherings, and celebrations. Sadly, not this year. Most of the markets will be […]
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Top 5 Innovative Trends for Retails in 2021

We are close to the end of this year that has challenged “the world system”, the way we interact and do business in every sector, in every daily action. Even before the COVID-19 crisis, in the retail industry, we have seen a growth in digital technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI). What is certain is that […]
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