GeoCTRL AG closes seed round, Pioneering LiDAR Technologies for Advanced Location Data Analytics

April 20, 2023

20. April 2023, Zurich – GeoCTRL, a leader in Swiss geospatial analytics, is excited to announce the successful seed round closing. This milestone fuels GeoCTRL's ambitious vision to revolutionize location data analytics by integrating highly accurate LiDAR technologies into its multi-modal platform.

The successful seed round comes as GeoCTRL nears the launch of LiDAR technologies, harnessing the power of laser-based sensing technology to map and analyze population movement in real-world environments in detail, and with automated object classification. This approach empowers businesses and organizations to make data-driven decisions with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

As a frontrunner in geospatial analytics, GeoCTRL has long been committed to providing innovative tools and insights that enable clients to unlock the full potential of location-based data. The integration of LiDAR technology further solidifies GeoCTRL's position as a trailblazer in the industry and paves the way for transformative applications across various sectors, including retail, real estate, marketing, advertising, and more.

GeoCTRL's CEO, Mark Forster, expressed enthusiasm for the company's accelerated growth: "We are thrilled to have closed our seed round of investment, which will help propel GeoCTRL to new heights and welcome new R&D collaborations. By embracing LiDAR technology, we're pushing the boundaries of geospatial analytics and offering our clients the most precise, privacy-compliant, and actionable location data available."

With this influx of funding, GeoCTRL is poised to lead the charge in the rapidly evolving world of location data analytics, delivering state-of-the-art LiDAR solutions to its clients and redefining how businesses leverage geospatial information.

Anna Pak

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