Location Intelligence Map: North America

January 19, 2021

The location intelligence market became one of the fastest-growing sectors over the last several years. It’s is expected to reach USD 32.8 billion by 2027.

In North America, the US is the major player contributing to the overall growth of the location intelligence space. The market is dominated by a significant number of established scale-ups, such as OmniSci, AirSage, Esri, Here.

On the Canadian market, we are delighted to highlight five notable companies – PiinPoint, Location Intelligence&Design, SensorUp, Echosec Systems, Innerspace, and Sparkgeo.

The Mexican market is represented by DESCIFRA and Georesearch LATAM, both specialized in geo-intelligence platforms.

The growth in North America is attributed to the increased adoption of advanced technologies, a solid IT infrastructure, excellent connectivity, rising industry standards for location-based technologies, and growing financial support from governments.

A common element in these companies is the increasing use of spatial data and analytical tools, the growing demand for predictive analytics to help businesses, and the growing use of location-based applications among consumers

Location Intelligence Map- North America new

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