The Future of Retail 

Lockdown restrictions and rapid digital transformation have generated new types of consumers with increased demands over the past two years. Furthermore, the increasingly competitive e-commerce and brick-and-mortar market compel businesses to utilize innovative technology and data-driven omnichannel strategies to thrive.

If you explore all of the possibilities that technology provides, the sheer complexity is overwhelming. For instance, Walmart entered the metaverse. Amazon continues to create more fully automated physical stores that track consumer movements and eye attention. In addition, well-known fashion companies began to offer NFT products. However, Targeting deep-tech press coverage, on the other hand, has the potential danger of neglecting something important: serving consumers now and here.

In this edition, Helia Burgunder, Vorwerk Group's Vice-President Omnichannel Europe, discusses her expertise in developing a solid innovation foundation for customer-centric retail brands, implementing omnichannel strategies, and executing data-driven analytics.
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Retail 4.0: The Age of Metamorphosis

The Retail Industry has been growing over the past years, experiencing several tectonic shifts especially for the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) of the retail industry. The retail industry today is just not about the power of the supply chain but it has diverged into the importance of evolutionary changes enabled by the incremental development of technology. 

Furthermore, mass marketing of many large brands has allowed retailers to leverage the use of big data into logistical expertise. Hence advancing its analytics insights which support the shift to a shopper focus. 

In the third edition of GEOMIND Magazine, we focused on the Age of Metamorphosis in the Retail Industry. Together with Gary Hawkins, the Founder and CEO of CART (Center for Advancing Retail & Technology), we explore the Retial Industry and its technology evolution such as shoppers intelligence,  automation and digtial value creation, and lastly, the speed rules in Retial 4.0. 
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The last year has changed our perception of physical and digital. In the time of uncertainty and full lockdowns, many people realized the preciousness of the freedom of physical presence, movements, travel, and human connections. On the other side, we now recognize the endless opportunities of technology and data and embrace their rapid development and use.

In the second edition of GEOMIND Magazine, we focused on Digital Out of Home Advertising (DOOH). Together with Callum Mathieson, Chief Operating Officer at Orb, an Irish digital media company, we explore the DOOH industry, its challenges, future, and how data analytics can transform it and optimize ads campaigns.
The main component to consider is what data is universally accepted, collectively understood and seen as valuable from the agency and client perspectives.
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The Power of When and Where

This publication connects inspiring thought leaders and experts in the field of location intelligence that we will present to you over the next few months

In the first edition of GEOMIND, our guest writer Jonathan Silverberg, CTO & General Manager of AirSage International,  shares their perspective on the location intelligence industry and some valuable insights on the data, technologies, and market. 

AirSage has been pioneering the Big Data location analytics market for more than a decade and is the market leader in providing innovative solutions to several market verticals. We foresee deeper integrations with more partners and are excited about the years to come.
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